Supply and execution of civil works for the detection and reduction of unaccounted-for water in the cities of Las Piedras and La Paz, Department of Canelones - International Public Bid No. 14684. Basic contract and extension.


OSE (RANC Management)


September 2015 - to date


Las Piedras, Uruguay


The work is being carried out in the cities of Las Piedras and La Paz, Department of Canelones. The project includes the Detection and Reduction of Non Revenue Water in four sectors of the mentioned cities. The procedure consists of establishing measurement and control districts (DMC), verifying their isolation and then detecting and reducing the unaccounted-for water in them to the values indicated in the bidding documents through the execution of works such as new piping, replacement of faucets, replacement or repair of household connections, etc. Main tasks of the contract: - Detection and repair of visible and invisible leaks with different acoustic methods; - remote monitoring of flow rates and pressures at different points in each sector; - calibrated mathematical model of each sector (EPANET). - Laying of 22,540 linear meters of pipelines - Construction of 2,106 home connections - 88,000 leak detections - 88,000 hydraulic model designs and calibrations