Liquid terminal in Fray Bentos




Río Negro, Uruguay


The works consisted of the refurbishment of 2 existing tanks at the former Anglo cold storage plant in Fray Bentos, to set up a liquid fertilizer storage plant (VAN) to serve as a distribution center for this product in the agricultural area of the country's coast.

Main works performed:
- Adequacy of tanks, carrying out interior hydro-washing, various repairs and watertightness tests.
- Spill protection slope, with a mixed system comprising a reinforced concrete wall and embankment, placing 2 layers of geotextile and an intermediate layer of PVC membrane over the entire enclosed surface to ensure the waterproofing of the enclosure, using approximately. 1800 m2 of membrane.
- Installation of stainless steel pumps and piping system for tank loading and unloading.
- Road works for truck maneuvering area (1,400 m2).
- Site conditioning, with construction of offices, dressing rooms for operating personnel, perimeter fence and lighting.