Car One


Santa Rosa Group


Canelones, Uruguay.


Description of the works:
The project is a commercial building complex consisting of several buildings interconnected by common areas made up of streets, parking lots, sidewalks, green areas, recreation areas, etc., with equipment and infrastructure services that supply the entire development.

In the development of the project, the following items have been considered as basic ideas for structuring the project:
- Construction of four commercial buildings totaling 17,000 m2 with the following characteristics: sandwich panel roofing, aluminum composite enclosures and Curtain Wall.

- Construction of the entire sanitation network comprising: 930 meters of concrete pipe for rainwater; 1,600 meters of PVC pipe plus 500 meters of HDPE pipe for sanitation; and 2,200 meters of HDPE pipe for drinking water supply. In addition, more than 2,000 meters of HDPE pipe will be laid for the fire network.

- Construction of two internal service buildings for UTE substations, pumping well, fire water tanks, potable water tanks, fire and water pump room.

- Completion of all internal roads comprising: 30,000 m2 of concrete pavers; 2,000 m2 of concrete paving; 3,350 ml of concrete curbs; 1,800 meters of curb and gutter; and 11,600 m2 of sidewalks.