Universidad Católica | San José Building


UCU San José Building


Montevideo, Uruguay


It is a building originally designed for teaching purposes. A three-story building and basement, with a total constructed area of approximately 1,680 m². The work is located on the property owned by the Universidad Católica del Uruguay, registry No. 430,988.

Tasks to be performed:

- Complete demolition of the existing buildings in the former 107,761 and 107,762.

- Subsequent to the demolition, the execution of a 5-story building on both standards linked to the existing construction in the neighboring standard (current Faculty of Dentistry - UCU) so as to morphologically form a single "building". The cadastral registers are subject to cadastral merger.

- Excavations up to the level indicated in the plans.

- Foundations and Reinforced Concrete Structures

- Erection of metallic structure, Steel Deck and complementary works.

- Masonry works, dry construction, waterproofing of walls, foundations and roofs.

- Aluminum Carpentry and Curtain wall installation

- Landscaped spaces

- Various internal reforms, painting, marble, curtains and enclosures.

- Sanitary, electrical, thermal, lighting, acoustic, etc. installations.

- In the front sector of what is now the dentistry faculty (currently 3 levels), two levels of expansion reaching the permitted height of 16.50 meters and forming a single facade. This expansion work will be carried out without interfering with the operation of the dental school (to be coordinated according to periods of use).