Postcards Carmelo


Carmelo Real Estate Company S.A.


City of Carmelo, Colonia


The project consists of a 51-apartment building (6 two-bedroom apartments, 32 one-bedroom apartments and 13 one-bedroom apartments), 1 gastronomic establishment, 4 commercial premises, a multipurpose room and services located on the basement, ground floor and four floors.

The works include the total completion of the projected buildings and the execution of the necessary tasks for the conditioning of the site and the exterior areas.

The work will be executed on the basis of the pre-existing reinforced concrete structure of the building, which was built in a previous stage in 2009 by another construction company.

The execution period for the work is 10 months. The execution of the project will commence upon signing of the contract in November 2023. The planned completion date for the project is September 2024.