Pepsi-Cola Manufacturing Company of Uruguay S.RL.


Free Zone, Cologne


The work consists of the design and construction of the expansion of the Liquid Filling Room within the PEPSICO factory Zona Franca de Colonia, including civil, structural, architectural, electrical and industrial services works.

The objective is to install 2 new lines for filling PACKr kegs, bottles and drums within the hall expansion. In addition, a new Costantini pallet-assembly robot will be installed outside of the hall. The product lines to feed the new fillers will be installed by GEA as well as the CIP system.

The main areas of work are:

- Design, relocation of existing shelving
- Dust screen installation
- Filling room enlargement (isopanels)
- Installation of carbon steel structure for HVAC, stainless steel platform, HVAC, control installations
- Piping installations for drinking water, treated water, hot water, etc.
- Expansion of electrical installations
- Fire detection systems, fire extinguishing systems, stainless steel drainage systems, etc.

The main areas to be executed in the different areas are as follows:

- Demolition and excavation: 200 m2
- Beams: 26.81 m3
- Slabs: 47.63 m3
- Ucrete surface finish: 159,45 m2
- Drainage system: 167.68 ml
- Carbon steel structures: 45.31 tons
- Stainless steel platform: 9.89 ton