Santa Lucía Effluent Treatment Plant




Canelones, Uruguay


The project includes the execution of the executive project, the execution of works, electromechanical supplies and other services required for the construction of new units and the refurbishment of existing units of the new wastewater treatment system and outfall for the city of Santa Lucía.

Among the most important civil works of the new plant are the following:

- Area for barometric reception and unloading.
- Internal pumping station, for internal drainage and barometric liquids.
- Pretreatment platform with mechanized screen and desanders.
- Integrated reactors for 10,000 equivalent inhabitants.
- Ultraviolet radiation disinfection unit.
- Treated water pumping station for reuse in washing facilities, dehydration equipment and irrigation of green areas.
- Pumping stations for sludge purge and for the removal of scum from biological treatment.
- Outfall outfall.
- Sludge dewatering area, by means of centrifuges.
- Sludge dewatering area, by means of centrifuges.
- Main premises including offices, laboratory, SSHH, locker rooms and warehouses.