Sanitation in Las Palmas and Garolini Neighborhoods




Lavalleja, Uruguay


Sanitation infrastructure works and pumping wells, drinking water.

- Soil movement: 16,000m3 of soil movement.
- Sewage: 4349 ml of PVC pipe with a diameter of 200 mm, connecting to the existing sewage system in the area. Execution of 250 house connections with a nominal diameter of 160mm. 45 registers, 250 home cameras
- Drinking water: 100 ml of HDPE pipe with a diameter of 1".
- Pumping well: depth 8.65 m, 31 m3 of reinforced concrete, 2160 m3 of soil movement, two immersion pumps, grids, frames and covers and electrical installation. Olympic fence.
- Delivery: 765 ml in HDPE pipe diameter 125 mm and 72 ml in FD pipe diameter 100 mm.