Sanitation Ciudad de la Costa




Canelones, Uruguay


Installation of sewage network, pumping wells and household connections for the supply of the population of the so-called Zones B1 and C1 of the town of Ciudad de la Costa.

Works Lot 1 - Zone B1:
- Sewage networks: Includes the construction of approximately 41 km of sewage networks, including house connections.
- Z2-P2 Pumping System: Construction of a pumping well for pumping effluents from the basins in the area to the collectors of basin I.
- Annexed works.
Works Lot 2 - Zone C1:
- Sanitation Networks: This includes the construction of approximately 36 km of sanitation networks, of which almost 75% are located in sandy areas with a high water table. The projected network is of the separative type with collectors starting with a minimum diameter of 200 mm and reaching up to 1,000 mm.
- Street crossings.