San Ramón Treatment Plant




Canelones, Uruguay


The project consisted of the executive project, civil works and assembly, start-up, operation and maintenance for one year of the new effluent treatment plant in the city of San Ramón.

The new plant consists of a set of units that perform biological treatment of the activated sludge type in the extended aeration mode with nutrient removal and disinfection by UV radiation. The final disposal of liquid effluents will be carried out in the Santa Lucía River through an outfall.

The plant has the following units:
- Barometric discharge and effluent inlet area
- Desander
- Crude oil pumping well
- Integrated bioreactors
- Dry pumping well
- Satellite tank for sludge thickening
- UV disinfection unit
- Drying beds
- Beach valorization
- Control room and workshop
- Board and blower room
- Interior concrete pavements
- Outfall pipe in PVC 400 mm of 2,000 ml.
All the structures of the units in contact with process water were built in reinforced concrete; the rooms were built in masonry with a light roof.