Drinking water Agraciada Sector




Montevideo, Uruguay


The project consists of the replacement of water distribution pipes and household connections in the Agraciada sector (Montevideo department).

The main areas to be executed in the different areas are as follows:
- Pipe replacement: Excavation and installation of 28,000 m of HDPE pressure potable water distribution pipe and 3,200 household connections.
- Sidewalk, pavement and curb replacement: removal and replacement of 15,200 m2 of sidewalk pavement; 11,200 m2 of tiles and 4,000 m2 of concrete. Removal and replacement of 592 m2 of roadway pavement with its respective curbs; 400 m2 of concrete and 192 m2 of asphalt layer.
- Installation of apparatus: installation and commissioning of 244 valve and hydrant units, construction of 244 special parts chambers.