Operation and maintenance services for the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of San José (Department of San José).


OSE (Administración de las Obras Sanitarias del Estado) (State Sanitary Works Administration)


2017 - To date


San José, Uruguay


Integral Operation and Maintenance Service during the contract period of the sanitation system of the city of San José de Mayo, comprising: - San José de Mayo Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on Route 11 km 54. This plant consists of: Barometric reception, Pretreatment, Activated sludge biological treatment with extended aeration, Nitrogen removal, UV disinfection and Sludge dewatering. - Main pump station (well 0) - 14 Zonal pumping wells that elevate their effluents to well 0. - Main impulsion pipeline from well 0 to the Treatment Plant. - Effluent discharge infrastructure in the San José River. - Pipeline from the relief of well 0 to the San José River along Manuel D. Rodríguez Street. - Maintenance and repair if necessary for proper operation and runoff of the 350 mm, 1,100 m long Manuel De Rodriguez collector.