Operation and maintenance services for pumping stations and others. Public Bidding No. 397/2011. Contract 1410




1989 - To date


Montevideo, Uruguay


The contract includes the operation and maintenance of the sanitation system for a large part of Montevideo, including the pumping stations, the pretreatment plant and the final disposal, on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The system includes 40 pumping stations, a pre-treatment plant, an underwater outfall, large mechanical grates and stream crossing siphons, serving approximately 1,500,000 people. The main facilities of the system are: - O&M of the Montevideo Sanitation System pumping plants. O&M of the Punta Carretas PPT, and of the Santiago Vázquez pumping station and treatment plant. - O&M of the mechanized cleaning grids and mechanized floodgate system of the Montevideo Sanitation System. - O&M of the inverted siphon at the crossing of Miguelete Creek and Pantanoso Creek. Operation and control of cathodic protection of the Punta Carretas sub-aquatic outfall. - Cleaning and maintenance of the low water catchments in the Canteras, Chacarita and Pichuaga streams; - Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of pumping plants, Santiago Vázquez treatment plant, Miguelete and PPT Punta Carretas grids and inverted siphons.