Higueritas Dock docks




Colonia, Uruguay


Reconditioning and reconstruction of docks on the right and left banks of the Higueritas dock in the town of Nueva Palmira, including their installations and the necessary equipment for their proper operation.

The main facilities included:
- Driving of 445 mts of metal stakes of 5 to 10 mts in length, by means of the vibro-driving method.
- Reinforced concrete top capping beam (275 m3) and subfloors. Placement of 1,335 meters of wooden fenders and 117 bollards.
- Electrical installation, lighting and SICI (Integrated Intelligent Control System), for 100 water and electricity services. The system provides the possibility of centralizing the water and electricity consumption of the vessels, as well as supplying and shutting off the users.
- Water and fire network for 555 meters of the dock.
- 32 meters of metallic structure pier (driving of 20 iron piles of 9 meters long, crossbeams, longarinas and iron crossbeams), and wooden superstructure (longarinas, planking and fenders).
- Wooden floor in and SICI for the existing Mulle, downstream (110 mts).