Tacuarembó residential building




Tacuarembó, Uruguay


The project consists of the construction of 27 housing units, a SUM, and parking lots, to be built on land registered under number 10261 in the city of Tacuarembó, department of Tacuarembó.

Main work areas:
- Demolition of pre-existing structure on the property.
- Construction of a housing block and SUM, with a ground floor and three levels.
- Exterior road infrastructure, lighting, landscaping.
- 19 parking spaces

Main measurements to be executed in the different areas:
- 350 m3 of demolition and removal of debris (beams/pillars/slabs/foundations/foundations).
- 1800 m2 of soil movement.
- 620m3 of HA structure.
- 1700 m2 of traditional construction, HA roof and plaster partition walls.
- 1200 m2 of outdoor space to be developed (concrete pavement, concrete walkways, parking lots with cobblestone pavement).