Recovery of Santa Catalina beach




Montevideo, Uruguay


Construction of a pumping well with two pumps of 25 l/s each. Power and control electrical installation, installation of security system and surveillance cameras.

Construction of:
- gravity sewerage system, diameter 200 mm and length 138 m, diameter 250 mm and length 658 m, diameter 315 mm and length 167 m, with 29 manholes and terminal chambers.
- 68 house connections and 68 cameras No. 1
- 1,400 mm HDPE pipe rainwater collectors, 200 m long.
- PVC pipe rainwater collector 400 mm and 85 m long.
- drain for sub-surface water with geotextile, diameter 200 mm and length 200 m
- HDPE impulsion line SDR 17 of 250 mm diameter and 1,000 m long from the pumping well to the Punta Yeguas PPT station.

Other interventions:
- installation of chambers, tritube and FO to communicate the pumping well with the Punta Yeguas PPT station (1,200 m).
- 206 m2 of asphalt replacement layer in sanitation areas
- construction of reinforced concrete structures for the collection of the gully with its corresponding bridge, construction of two open-air spillways that flow into the Rio de la Plata, one on each side of the sandy strip of the beach with their corresponding heads.
- earthworks and shaping of the Santa Catalina promenade, including 500 m2 of asphalt layer.
- complementary tasks such as pipe protection, tree removal, spillway chambers, reconstruction of culverts, etc.