January 2014 - in progress


Department of Montevideo


This contract includes the complete maintenance works, by level of service, of traffic-light and flashing crossings, replacement of incandescent lamps with LED lamps and implementation of pedestrian and vehicular detection loops. State-of-the-art traffic controllers configurable for all types of intersections were supplied, installed and commissioned at all intersections. They allow the incorporation of different types of sensors such as inductive loops, video cameras and radars. Then, by programming them according to the traffic demand, the phases in each cycle are adapted to the existing traffic (adaptive). In addition, in some corridors, special functions of the controllers were used to program them to obtain traffic preference in traffic (green wave). This reduces travel times on the main arteries, increasing travel safety and comfort. This technology also provides us with a lot of information: number of vehicles, occupancy, speed, presence of vehicles, safety distances, wrong maneuvers, all this information is very valuable for the continuous improvement of the basic traffic light plans. Maintenance of traffic signalized intersections is provided according to service standards. For this purpose, documentation has been developed, including maintenance plans, capacity management procedures and service level compliance and contingency plans to ensure compliance with established standards.