Faculty of Arts


University of the Republic


Cordón, Montevideo


The project consists of internal building renovations and several extensions, totaling 5,100 m2 in the Faculty of Arts building located at 18 de Julio Avenue and Guayabos Avenue.

Internal refurbishment 2,100 m2 / Expansions 3,000 m2

1. Guayabos Expansion + Forklift Pipeline Expansion

2. Expansion of classrooms and basic workshops

3. Library Expansion

Excavation and backfill, pile driving for the library extension

Erection of metallic structure for Guayabos and Classrooms and Workshops extensions of metallic structure.

Execution of reinforced concrete slabs, subfloors and binders, masonry execution

Execution of porcelain tile, granite, floating floor, etc.

Execution of aluminum, wood and stainless steel carpentry.

Execution of painting works

Sanitary and hydraulic fire installation, and electrical installation.

Installation of weak currents: structured cabling, access control, etc.

Fire Protection Installation

Installation of artificial thermal conditioning

Forklift Installation Extension

Laying of split stone and raised patio floor.