ESTUDIO LECUEDER | Los Olivos de los Horneros




Cno. de los Horneros and Cno. Paso Escobar Canelones, Uruguay


Description of the works:

The project is a low-density residential development under a horizontal property regime (UPH). Los Olivos is a development with 4 macrolots.

Number of lots per macrolot:

- Macrolot 1: 82 lots

- Macrolot 2: 19 lots

- Macrolot 3: 57 lots

- Macrolot 4: 82 lots

The execution of the work includes: soil movement, electrical installations, sanitary installations and gas piping.

Construction of the entire sanitary network, comprising:

8,350 meters of drinking water supply piping.

6200 meters of sewage piping.

2 pumping wells.

1 upsetting station.

7200 meters of storm drains.

8,000 m2 of lamination ponds.

- Road construction of 30,000 m2 of streets.

- Construction of power lines: MV (1,950m), LV (8,300m), lighting (13,800m) and 2 substations of 15KV.