Car One Branch


English Store


Canelones, Uruguay.


Turnkey project consisting of the construction of the Tienda Inglesa store in an existing building on the Car One site.

The work consists of 2 metallic mezzanines of 586m2 for offices, dressing rooms, dining rooms, warehouses; a metallic ceiling and technical walkway, and on the first floor, 3,600m² of concrete pavements for workrooms of the different services of the commercial premises, also includes the use of an adjoining premises on the west side and a substation of its own.

The main areas of work are:
- Interior mezzanine sectors.
- Workroom, cold storage and warehousing areas.
- Central Hall
- Click & Go

Exteriors The main areas to be executed in the different areas are as follows:
- Metal Structure -32.000 Kg
- Concrete Pavements-4,370 m² (4,370 sq. mts.)
- Plaster masonry (walls)-1,289 m² (1,289 m²)
- Ceilings and valance-1,906 sq. m.
- Floor and wall coverings-1,842 m² (1,842 sq m)