Defensor S.C.


Defensor Sporting Club Civil Association


Rodo Park, Montevideo


The works include the execution of the civil works and installations detailed below:

Demolition of existing locker rooms, pavements, slabs and walls

Excavation and backfill

Execution of foundation die

Construction of retaining walls, beams and columns

Execution of metallic structure

Execution of reinforced concrete slabs, subfloors and carpets.

Execution of masonry

Execution of porcelain tile, marble, marble, etc.

Execution of aluminum, wood and stainless steel carpentry.

Execution of painting works

Monolithic execution

Sanitary and fire hydraulics installation

Electrical installation

Installation of weak currents: structured cabling, access control, etc.

Fire Protection Installation

Installation of artificial thermal conditioning

Elevator installation

Placement of split stone

They are performed:

150 m3 demolition

25 m3 of excavation

250 m3 of soil movement

220 m3 Reinforced concrete

15 m3 of Cyclopean concrete

2,310 kg of metal structure

250 m2 partition walls

630 m2 of cladding

1,700 m2 of subfloors and carpets

400 m2 painting

230 m2 of monolithic

40 m2 of raw stone

480 m2 of waterproofing