DDC - The Reserve


Damiani Constructions


Canelones, Uruguay


The project is the infrastructure of a private neighborhood in the department of Canelones.

In the development of the project, the following items have been considered as basic ideas for structuring the project:

- Construction of the entire sanitary network comprising:

300 ml of concrete pipe for rainwater collection

624 ml PVC pipe for sanitation

370 ml HDPE pipe for sanitation impulsion

856 ml HDPE pipe for potable water supply

- Construction of two internal service buildings for UTE substation and guardhouse, pumping well.

- Construction of the entire internal road system comprised by:

3,851 m2 of asphalt layer

565 m2 of sidewalks

- Execution of electrical installations, weak currents, CCTV, Gas.

- Conformation of 20,000m2 of land.