Florida Treatment Plant




Florida, Uruguay


Expansion of the effluent treatment plant of the powdered milk line of CONAPROLE's Industrial Complex, located at Route No. 5, Km 102.500 in the town of Florida.

The work consisted of:

- Construction of a spill pond lined with HDPE membrane, with its corresponding walkways.
- Renovation of four lagoons to increase their capacity, HDPE membrane lining.
- Construction of a Parshall canal and several chambers with pneumatically actuated gates for effluent diversion,
- Construction of stainless steel and PVC pipe sections.
- Construction of compressor room and electrical panel room.
- Assembly of submersible pumps, compressors, aerators, gates, actuated valves.
- Development of the land around the lagoons, including the construction of roads, walkways, sidewalks, sewers, and storm drains.
- Assembly of compressed air line and grills for electrical system.
- Various civil works