COLIER : Route 8 Solis Chico




Route 8 km 51, Department of Canelones


The work is part of the project to widen Route 8 from the junction with Route 11 to the junction with Route 9.

The work consists of the widening and reinforcement of the existing bridge on route 8 over the Solís Chico stream, and the construction of a new bridge, structurally independent, to provide traffic to the double lane.

The existing bridge currently has 8 meters of roadway and two cantilevered sidewalks with railings, which will be demolished to widen the roadway on both sides to 9.20 m with New Jersey railings at both ends.

To adapt the bridge to the current loads, it was reinforced by partially demolishing the deck and building a new reinforced concrete deck slab (1,400 m2), and incorporating transverse Corten steel plates on the underside.

The new bridge is designed as a replica of the existing bridge in order to meet the specifications of maintaining the under-bridge clearance and having the piers of both bridges facing each other. Each gantry is also composed of 2 direct foundation bases of mass concrete, cylindrical columns and lintel beam, the latter being prefabricated. The deck is composed of 13 prefabricated passive reinforced joists, forming 9.20 m of roadway and New Jersey railings on both sides. The abutments are open abutments composed of a lintel beam supported on two columns of variable rectangular section and are founded on rectangular section bases of mass concrete.