East Access to New Passenger Terminal




Canelones, Uruguay


The work consisted of the construction of the upper access passage to the new Carrasco International Airport Passenger Terminal. These include the execution of the structures and retaining walls necessary for the access embankments to these structures.

The following were carried out:
- 4,473 m3 of concrete structure, including:
- Double curvature structure 196m long and 18.94m wide.
- 24 post-tensioned beams of 35 m long and 32 post-tensioned beams of 22 m long.
- 80 piles of 60 cms diameter.
- 1,750 linear meters of New Jersey fenders.
- 1,300 m3 of concrete in concrete structures including: heads, braces, portal pillars and abutments.
- 68 neoprene supports.
- 1,250 m3 of concrete in retaining walls.