Car One - Buildings 6 and 7


Santa Rosa Group




The project consists of the construction of two buildings for the Car One complex.

The first building is 3000 m2 and is used as commercial premises. The scope of work includes soil movement, piling, foundations, concrete pavement, metal structure, sheet metal envelope and block walls. The main façade has curtain wall and includes exterior sidewalks and pavers in the access streets.

The second building is additional to the previous one and will also function as commercial premises. It consists of a 500 m2 metal structure and glazed facade for a technology store and cafeteria. In addition, the work includes the readjustment of the road circulation around the new building.

The main work performed in the different areas is as follows:
-6000 m3 of soil movement
-61 drilled piles
-90 ml of retaining wall
-3000 m2 of subfloor on cemented rough stone.
-160 tons of steel structure
-3,000 m2 of Becam roofing with Isover foil
-1300 m2 of Isover foil facade sheeting
-90 ml of curtain wall at main access